Tyler & Neville spoke nonsense about Trent Alexander-Arnold last night

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If you watched the England game last night, you’d have been equally perplexed by the commentary from Martin Tyler and Gary Neville regarding Liverpool’s sole starter Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The duo, both of whom have an affinity for Manchester United, described Trent as a defensive fullback whose idol is Jamie Carragher.

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Remarkably, they even claimed he’s not comfortable going forward and isn’t a ball-playing right-back!

Liverpool fans will all know this is simply untrue. Until three years ago, Trent played in midfield and technically, he’s sublime. He also has pace to burn which makes him a very good overlapping option down the right flank, and hits a beautiful set-piece, too. If anything, it’s his defending that needs improving, although his crossing obviously needs work as well.

Reds on Twitter went to town on Tyler and Neville, who clearly hadn’t done their research on a player starting for England and who played in a Champions League Final just a few months back.

Here’s some of what was said: