Five seconds of Mo Salah beaming with happiness

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One of our favourite moments of this so far brilliant season occurred today.

The media will tell you Mo Salah has been out of form, despite the fact he’d already scored two goals this season, but today silenced doubters by notching his third.

(Video) Salah gets much-needed goal after Shaqiri almost bags worldy

In fairness, it had looked like Salah was carrying a weight on his shoulders, but it was quite visibly lifted when he finished Xherdan Shaqiri’s free-kick effort, which hit the bar!

By following the link, you’ll see Salah’s reaction as he was walking into the dressing room for half-time.

Watch it here!

He’s absolutely delighted, and so are we. If three goals in seven matches from our right winger is a drought, we’re looking forward to him finding form!