Psychologist makes laughable Jurgen Klopp claim

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Damian Hughes, a football psychologist and Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change, says the Reds MUST win a trophy this season in order to reassure the players that the approach Jurgen Klopp is taking is working.

He told the Daily Star“I think [Klopp] needs to now back it up in terms of something that justifies the approach that he’s taken. I think that would give the players an increasing sense of reassurance of what he does works. 

“I can imagine you’ll see him going all out to prioritise winning not just the league but the FA Cup and maybe the Champions League as well if that’s what he can do. 

“It sort of reaffirms what his approach is if he could win something.”

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We’re not sure what qualifies the psychologist to quantify the Reds success, but regardless of what happens this season, there is no chance of a player revolt – everyone is pulling in the same direction. Everton haven’t won anything since 1995 and there is no revolt there!

It’s amazing how people forget how far Klopp has taken the club so far and brought everyone together – it’s only going in the right direction: upwards.

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