Lacazette has savaged the atmosphere at English grounds

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This isn’t Liverpool specific, but we thought it’d interest our readers nonetheless…

Arsenal forward Alexandre Lacazette has claimed he’s disappointed by Premier League crowds, calling ticket holders ‘spectators’ rather than ‘supporters’ and suggesting it’s much more vibrant in France.

“I miss Ligue 1’s atmosphere. In England, the fans are more spectators than supporters. There’s a better atmosphere in French stadiums,” he said. 

Firstly, the Frenchman must realise he plays half his matches at the Emirates, which is famous for it’s hilariously poor atmosphere…

A reminder of what Pickford said about Alisson in September…

It sometimes gets noisy during big games, but on the whole, is abysmal.

In fairness though, it’s rare that top flight games in England, especially ones involving a top six club, have a good atmosphere – and we’ll sadly include Anfield in that list.

Liverpool’s travelling support is exceptional, and on European nights, the ground bounces as well, but most of the time, the crowd waits for good things to happen than proactively encourages it.

Versus Manchester City, a game between 1st and 2nd, the atmosphere was dull throughout.

The reasons for this are tenfold and well faceted. Anfield, like Old Trafford, is now a tourist venue – and fans from all over the world absolutely have a right to visit.

But when the Premier League is exported as a commodity, it’s roots are ignored and as a product, it’ll change.

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