Explained: Why Mo Salah is back to incredible best

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Remember when Mo Salah was ‘struggling’ at the beginning of this season…?

We don’t, as it never actually happened, but according to many in the media, our Egyptian superstar was in a crisis after he went a few games without scoring!

But now at the end of November, he’s on nine for the season, seven of which have come in the Premier League, which puts him just one behind in the race for the Golden Boot.

He actually has more goals this term than Eden Hazard, who we’ve been repeatedly told is enjoying the best season of his career.

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Jurgen Klopp has claimed that Salah’s current level (he’s scored five in six for Liverpool and a fantastic winner on international duty in between), is down to him finding full fitness.

Salah played the World Cup with Egypt after suffering a horrible shoulder injury in the Champions League Final, of course.

“Since before the last international break it was completely obvious in each session. It clicked again. He’s there,” Klopp told the official website.

“The body is back 100 per cent – his physical things he can rely on.

“[It is] not about the goalscoring, just about overall performance.

“For the first time in his life it was clear that after scoring more than 40 goals, how do we deal with that?

“Will he score 40 goals again? You cannot score 40 goals in the first three games and as human beings how can he be convinced 100 per cent that he scores again 40 goals? Is it even important to score 40 goals again?

“Of course not. It is just a personal situation – do we talk about it or not? Do we leave it? He always tried everything. The only thing was his body needed time to adapt. [He was] still a world-class player, still a threat in a game, but in the scoring situations not the same calmness, coolness.

“Of all the teams, we had a longest season with Real Madrid. We both had a season two weeks longer than all the other teams.

“After that they all went to the World Cup. A very long World Cup. Egypt went out a little earlier but Mo played a World Cup being 94 or 95 per cent fit because of the shoulder. He had no problem with the shoulder anymore, it was not that it hurt, but being healthy does not mean you are 100 per cent.

“He then had two to three weeks off. That is actually nothing. The first three weeks of holiday for a football player after such an intense season you do not even feel rest.

“Then the pre-season starts again. So that is a time factor. Human beings need it. We don’t give them time. The season starts: be ready. Even Mo Salah is a human being and he needed time.

“He was doing everything he can. If you are in doubt easily then it could affect you, but not for one second was he in doubt and I was not in doubt. Nobody here was in doubt.”

For us, Salah is Liverpool’s best player by some distance and someone we absolutely need at his best if we’re to achieve greatness this term.

We’re not setting him targets, but reckon he’ll hit 30 for the campaign in all competitions, no bother.

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