‘When’s the ref getting a holiday to Qatar?’ Reds fume at awful officiating v PSG

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PSG were pretty good in the first half tonight – and Liverpool were pretty bad – but the referee let us down.

Syzmon Marciniak for some reason decided to show Marco Verratti a yellow card when he definitely deserved a red for a horrible tackle on Joe Gomez – then needed the assistant behind the goal to give us the stonewall penalty that James Milner eventually converted!

He actually tried to give a corner originally, which would have been a genuine travesty given the fact Sadio Mane was scythed down inside the box.

It seems that with Marciniak, the only way to get a freekick is by rolling around like you’ve been shot, which is of course a massive benefit to PSG’s players, especially Neymar, who’s so brilliant a footballer but an absolutely heinous little cheat.

Here’s what fans on Twitter made of the first 45, in terms of the ref.