Klopp annoyed at Liverpool for not using Keita properly… ‘I was shouting that we had to use Naby’

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Naby Keita was Liverpool’s best player last night (bar perhaps Virgil van Dijk – who’s world-class every week), but Jurgen Klopp still feels like his team-mates could have got more out of him!

We guess this is very exciting news going forward…

According to the boss, Liverpool played over Keita instead of through him and we would have maximised his presence by feeding him balls to feet more often.

“We used him well at the beginning and at the end, but in between I was shouting that we had to use Naby (more),” said the Reds boss, cited in the Echo.

“We played long balls, big switch, and Naby was constantly overlooked.

“He was good. Even in the first half, when Naby had the ball something changed a bit.

“To be honest I don’t criticise or blame anybody, but we all know Shaq can play much better, turn and use the space, stuff like that.

“The only one who tried to run in behind was Milly, and Naby with the ball. Hendo shouldn’t be involved in that, he had to protect the runners and stuff like.

“Naby made all the difference, I think his blocked shot was the biggest chance we had in the first half. It looked like a proper chance. Second half, one-two with Mo, good finish, bit lucky for Burnley.”

In all honesty, we’re just delighted that Keita genuinely is the player we thought he all was.

There’s been moments during his first few months where doubts have slipped in, as there’s been multiple examples of seemingly superb foreign imports simply failing to adapt to the Premier League over the years.

But under Klopp, a manager who is so tactically smart and so brilliant with individuals, we don’t think this will happen with the Guinean.

In fact, we now expect Keita to go from strength to strength. We have massive games coming up against Bournemouth, Napoli and Manchester United – and we hope Keita features in all three.

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