Liverpool are strongly backing UEFA’s Man City investigation

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Manchester City are currently being investigated by UEFA for allegedly breaking Financial Fair Play rules and, according to the Telegraph, Liverpool back the decision to take a closer look at our rival.

A number of clubs sought clarification regarding the Premier League’s stance on FFP when it was confirmed there would be an investigation into Man City.

The league’s stance is actually different from UEFA’s with the PL allowing clubs to register losses of over £100million but UEFA expects teams to break even.

During his pre-match press conference on Friday, Jurgen Klopp was asked for his opinion on City’s alleged breaching of FFP rules.

I have nothing to say about that,” he said. “How I understand it, investigations are there to figure something out. If there is a result then I could talk about it. If there is not a result then it’s just an investigation.

I believe in the rules, actually. It should be a fair competition. I have no clue if or if not something is right or wrong at City and that’s all I can say about that.”

Some Liverpool fans have been calling for City to face a points deduction in light of the investigation but it’s more likely they’ll be hit with a financial penalty if found guilty.

The Reds themselves were investigated for breaking FFP rules in 2015 but that was because of financial mismanagement before John W Henry’s takeover and the club was cleared of any violation.

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