Liverpool fan snaps Achilles tendon celebrating Mo Salah goal

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A Liverpool fan has taken to Twitter to share news an injury he sustained when celebrating Mohamed Salah’s goal against Southampton to put the Reds 2-1 up – and back atop the Premier League table.

He jokingly suggested that the “title chase is going to be the death” of him, but he seems to be in good spirits.

Salah’s goal came late on in the game when it appeared Southampton may take a couple of points off of the Reds – fans, rightly so, lost their minds when he scored.

In a thread the fan shared a video of his daughter’s perspective as he crawled on the floor immediately after injuring himself.

Somehow the fella managed to keep his composure and didn’t start bawling in pain – we certainly wouldn’t blame him!

Have to admire the passion though to celebrate so hard that you end up giving yourself a serious injury.

The lasting impact of an injury like that will typically stretch out across six months; it’ll be at least three months until the man can freely use his legs again.

We wish you a speedy recovery, Daz. Hopefully the Reds bring home the title and you’ll always have an interesting story to tell.

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