Bobby’s dentist explains why Firmino’s teeth are ‘maximo’ white

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Bobby Firmino is best known for his ability of kicking a ball around a football pitch really well, but his second-most outstanding feature has to be his gleaming grin.

Robbie Hughes is a dentist who has made members of the Liverpool squad picture perfect for their upcoming Champions League and Premier League winning photos.

Roberto just wanted a new smile,” the man responsible for Firmino’s pearls told the BBC, explaining that he had to go above and beyond for the forward.

When it comes to choosing colour we have shades 4, 3, 2, 1 – with one being the whitest. Roberto seen the chart and asked for “maximo” – beyond one! We created that colour for him.

Coutinho attended around the same time, it must have been a discussion around the dinner table. Lucas introduced them, they both decided they wanted to do something.”

Bobby’s teeth aren’t easy to miss and they clearly caught the attention of his manager. “When Jurgen came to see us he basically said he liked Roberto’s teeth,” Hughes said. “He wouldn’t want to go quite as white but he liked his teeth.”

Mane must have got jealous of all the gleaming grins at Melwood as the Senegalese star was next up. “Sadio was seeing more and more smiles on the training pitch and wanted a piece of the action,” Robbie joked.

Hughes’ first gig was to fix up Martin Skrtel’s smile after an incident at the training ground left him needing dental treatment.

Since then, Robbie, a Liverpool fan, has worked with Lucas Leiva, Alberto Moreno, Firmino, Jurgen Klopp, Phil Coutinho, Jordan Henderson and Sadio Mane.

It must have been surreal to work with some of the club’s stars – I’m sure Robbie feels great pride in his work and hopes to see the lads with some silverware soon.

Bobby’s teeth are "Maximo", no wonder they’re brighter than my future. from LiverpoolFC

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