What’s happening with Chelsea fans filmed racially abusing Salah

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Chelsea fans have let themselves down as a small group of supporters have been filmed singing a song in which they appear to describe Mo Salah as a “bomber”.

Three of the six people were identified and turned away from the stadium in Prague yesterday, the London club has confirmed.

Chelsea have also issued a statement in which they condemn the apparent actions of the fans in the video. “Chelsea FC finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour abhorrent and … we will take the strongest possible action,” it said.

Such individuals are an embarrassment to the vast majority of Chelsea supporters who won’t tolerate them in their club.”

You can read the statement in full here.


The club’s security team studied the footage in an attempt to stop those in the video from attending their Europa League fixture last night.

Salah, a former player of the Londoners, is of Muslim faith and the song is another detrimental blow to their reputation, after a few other incidents this season.

At the end of last year some Blues supporters were also alleged to have abused Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling during a Premier League match – four fans were suspended by the club.

Liverpool also issued a statement regarding the “bomber” video. “We have also witnessed numerous hateful attacks on social media. This behaviour needs to be called out for what it is – unadulterated bigotry,” it said.

There is no place for this behaviour in football, there is no place for it in society. A crime of this nature has more victims than any individual it is aimed at and, as such, collective and decisive action is needed to address it.

As pertains to this latest incident, the club is working with Merseyside Police to ascertain the facts around this footage with the aim of identifying individuals featuring in it.”

You can read the statement in full here.

Liverpool host Chelsea at Anfield in their next game, this Sunday, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster in what is a crucial fixture.

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