“If Manchester United were to win on Sunday, if they beat City but lose to Chelsea they still end up out of the top four. If they lose to Chelsea but beat City they are in the top four,” Neville claimed.

With Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea all above them in the table and gunning for the two remaining spaces in the top four, United can’t afford to lose any games now.

G Nev went on to say that his “point is in terms of priorities, if they were to win the game at Everton on Sunday, the match to change things around would be the City game.

“You cannot play the same players during four games in eleven days. If they beat Everton, my thought would be that they make two or three changes against City whilst still trying to get the result.”

United’s game against City is huge. As City’s game in hand over us, it could prove to be a pivotal moment in deciding where the league title ends up.

None of this was lost on Carra who jokingly retorted: “Everton rested their two best players against City. He (Neville) is now sending a little message out to Ole now. He knows Ole is watching.

“Everyone is just desperate to stop Liverpool winning the league. Manchester United, Everton, Sky Sports, they are all at it. Don’t worry, it’ll sort itself out.”

Carra firing shots here, but he has a point. Teams don’t seem to turn up against City, and sometimes their best players don’t even start.

Managers priortise other fixtures or competitions and admit defeat to them before a ball has even been kicked – with the Reds, they give it all they’ve got.

Hope it does sort itself out, Carra. Four games left for us and hopefully 12 points!