Jurgen Klopp isn’t interested in Manchester City’s results

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Jurgen Klopp has delivered a stirring message to Liverpool fans as the Premier League title race closes in on a photo finish.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s fixture against Cardiff City, the German claims his players are ready to create history this season.

We are really in a proper competition mood,” he’s quoted as saying by the Liverpool Echo. A win for the Reds in the Welsh capital will see them return to the top of the table after City claimed it with a 1-0 win over Spurs yesterday.

I, like most Liverpool fans, keep en eye on our title rival’s fixtures and hope the opposing team can shave some points off the Citizens, but Klopp isn’t interested in their results.

“I don’t need to read about it, I don’t need to hear about it. I know it, it is football,” he said. “I’ve watched football all my life, I am a football supporter and if my favourite club would be in the situation we are, I would be buzzing.

“That’s how it is, you are constantly on your toes. You want to go out, talk to people, celebrate and talk about all these things, I can’t imagine.

“We are not part of that life anymore. We have to make sure it stays like this and so it is no problem. I love the situation we are in, it is really good, but we have to prove it pretty much everyday, at least in the games.

“That’s not new, it was like that before the season and all the other teams have to do the same. Manchester City are doing it for a second year in a row, Tottenham are fighting like crazy with injuries and stuff like that.

“That’s how good football teams deal with the situations. It’s good, but not perfect.”

But it’s not just the Premier League that we’re fighting for; the Reds are into the semi-finals of the Champions League as they face off against Catalan giants Barcelona.

Liverpool will have to battle with Spurs or Ajax in the Madrid final if they can negotiate a way around Ernesto Valverde’s men next month.

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