Survey suggests rival hatred for Liverpool is actually a myth

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There’s been this slightly weird rhetoric perpetrated by the media this season that nobody wants Liverpool to win the league.

Last term, we were consistently portrayed as the neutral’s favourite – the side everybody wanted to win because of Jurgen Klopp and the beautiful football he played – especially during our run to the Champions League Final.

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But now we’ve turned into a ruthlessly exceptional side, rather than just an occasionally exceptional one – we’ve apparently become an unbearable fanbase who must not experience glory at any cost!

It’s a little farcical, isn’t it? If ‘celebrating good times’ is now ‘unbearable,’ then what’s the point?

Should everybody be like Manchester City and have six or seven people outside the stadium following confirmation of Premier League glory?


Anyway, a study by Paddy Power suggests the notion everyone wants City to win is rubbish!

In a survey that asked a number of fans from each Premier League club, the only teams who preferred Pep Guardiola’s side to finish first were those of Everton, United, Chelsea and Southampton.

Naturally, this has caused more of a stir on Twitter – with West Ham fans taking particular offence at their apparent 71% support for Liverpool.

We honestly don’t care either way, lads.

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