Luis Suarez says he’ll celebrate if he scores against Liverpool

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Some players pay respects to their former clubs when playing against them – Mo Salah showed this courtesy last season when he netted against Roma in the Champions League.

It splits opinion, with some football fans thinking you should always celebrate a goal, but it really has to be looked at on a case by case basis.

If a player spent the majority of his career at one club and joins another in his twilight years, like Frank Lampard with Chelsea, I can understand why that player wouldn’t want to celebrate.

Barcelona’s Luis Suarez doesn’t fall into that category. “An ex-Liverpool player scoring at Old Trafford and then we knock them out,” he told the MailOnline. “Obviously, they are going to be happy but maybe not so happy now they have to play us.”

I’ve been lucky to take great memories from all the clubs I have played for. Playing for my home club Nacional in Uruguay got me a move to Europe. I developed a lot as a player at Ajax and that helped me take the next step into the elite, which was playing for Liverpool.

And at Liverpool I was able to consolidate as a player on the world stage. Liverpool made me realise that I could keep improving as a player, keep growing, and I’m grateful for all that and for what I shared with my children there too.

In the build up to the game it’s nice to talk about how massively grateful I am to Liverpool for all they gave me but, you know me, once I’m on the pitch there will be no friendships, no companions, no thought for all the lovely moments.

With all that being said – I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from Suarez; he always wore his heart on his sleeve when at Liverpool. If he manages to breach our defence, I won’t be angry at his potential celebrations.

I’ll probably be more upset at conceding.

The Uruguayan clearly still has a lot of love for the Reds, but he’s a born winner and he’ll do whatever it takes to win – and he’ll enjoy doing it. Let’s hope we can stop him.

Can you tell I still miss our Luis?

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