(Video) Classless Man City fan embarrasses himself when he should be celebrating the title

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A video clip from the Etihad Stadium has been posted on social media of a classless Manchester City fan using foul language aimed at the Reds live on Sky News.

Rather than celebrating his own side’s fantastic Premier League title victory, the City fan chose to talk about Liverpool, using inappropriate language in front of a small child and live on air.

You would think that after watching his side pick up 98 points in the highest quality title race of all time, the fan might have spent more time focusing on his own team.

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City have been incredible this season on the pitch, but in the stands, their fans are no match for the Reds when it comes to supporting. You only have to compare the scenes at Anfield on Tuesday night to City winning the league, and the difference is stark.

This, though, is completely different. There are idiots in every fanbase, and this guy has only made himself look like a fool. There’s limited celebrations and then there’s going out of your way to say something out of order.

Next season, it will be the same two sides who are vying for top spot – and it will be up to us to try and come out victorious. If we do, the celebrations will certainly be much better than this!

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