Jurgen Klopp’s comments on Champions League content prove he’s one of us

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Jurgen Klopp has been speaking about his favourite topic once again: the incredible amount of post-Champions League final content that was available for Reds fans and players to devour.

From the amazing clip of Jordan Henderson and his father at the final whistle to Roberto Firmino’s celebratory forward roll and Alisson charging about pretending to be a bull, there have been some real gems to savour. And that’s before you think about the bus parade the following day.

Klopp has admitted that he has been just as excited by everything as Reds fans have over the last few weeks, taking every chance to share the moment with his players.

Speaking exclusively to the Liverpool ECHO, he said: “It’s not that I have a [WhatsApp] group and I press a button and I send them to everyone! But yes, I have sent the videos.

“When you see something really nice and really funny or really touching or emotional, then I want to share it with the boys. Why not? Most of the time I think they have seen it before because I’m not on social media.”

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Klopp – like every Reds fan, in all likelihood – has taken in as much of the videos and other content since Madrid as has been physically possible.

He added: “I think I have seen pretty much everything. I have all different views of the game, of the goals, of the things that were happening outside the stadium, of the parade.

“I have it. It’s saved [in my head] – it helps you understand what it means for other people.”

Hopefully, the new season can produce just as many incredible memories and moments to look back on for decades to come. If it does, it will be a special few months that are ahead.

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