Fans will love what Klopp did for ‘Liverpool legend’ after UCL victory

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Jurgen Klopp is a likeable character – even before he joined Liverpool, I’d see him at press conferences and think about how much of a laugh he is.

Other moments would tell me that he’s a little unhinged and he could very easily do his own version of Alex Ferguson’s famous hair-dryer rants.

But not much he did in the public told me that he was as sentimental as the Reds boss actually is.

In an interview with ESPN FC’s Melissa Reddy, the German opened up on several things including how he treated Alberto Moreno.

Klopp admits that the Spaniard would have been happier if he could have played more, but says Alby will be happy with this ‘Liverpool legend’ status.

To be honest, one of my personal highlights is the moment Alberto Moreno jumps on my back because I didn’t know it was him,he told ESPN FC.

It’s not important that he jumps on my back, it’s important to see how much that meant to him. Alberto Moreno, I could not think higher about him.

I wish him all the best, from the bottom of my heart. I sent him a long message after he left [at the end of his contract to join Villarreal].

I would’ve loved to have helped him more, but I couldn’t, that’s how it is sometimes in football: a 50-50 thing. He would’ve loved to play more, but how he was around the team and in the celebrations was unbelievable.

That shows everything about him. We decide for ourselves what it means to us and obviously it meant everything to him to be part of that team and to be a Liverpool legend that he is now forever. It was a sensational moment.

It is nice to know that Moreno left to club on good terms, with the manager too, but also that Klopp sent him a lengthy message when his Villarreal deal was sorted.

The boss also drops Daniel Sturridge’s name into the pile when listing off players who had an impact on the Reds bringing home number six – another nice touch for a former player.

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