Reds will buy a versatile left-sided first-teamer, while Klopp not jealous of teams in “fantasia land” – Telegraph

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Chris Bascombe has claimed the Reds will buy a “versatile left-sided player for the first team squad” as per his words published in The Telegraph.

Within the same piece, Jürgen Klopp issued a sobering caution, reiterating that the Reds are likely to be judicious and canny this summer rather than repeating the record-breaking transfers of last year.

Instead of splashing the cash, it seems Klopp will be keeping his powder dry, due to funds being invested in big player contracts, the redevelopment of the Main Stand, and the work being done on the Kirkby’s training complex.

“This year is not the end of Liverpool FC,” Klopp said. “Next year there will be another transfer window. This team is really good and we have invested a lot in it. Now we have to work with that.”

“I can’t say anything about what other teams are doing. I don’t know how they do it. We have to pay bills. Sorry. Everybody has to pay bills; we have to pay bills. We invested money in this team. Now it looks like we are not.”

Though, it seems it is not just outstanding payments on infrastructure that have dictated transfer policy, but Klopp and FSG’s shared, long-term vision.

As Bascombe claims of Klopp, the club is willing to wait and allow the market to settle in their favour for the moment to pounce on a player that will adequately augment the starting line-up, rather than merely shelling out for a secondary option for the sake of it.

“But we are not in this fantasia land where you just get whatever you want. You cannot do it constantly. It looks like there are four clubs in the world who can do it constantly. Madrid, Barcelona, (Man) City and PSG. Whatever they need, they do. You cannot compare that. That is the situation.

“It is not a criticism. I know how people will take it, that I am jealous or whatever. I am not at all jealous. There is no guarantee we won’t draw with Leicester on a snowy pitch because we make five new signings. There is no guarantee.

“There will be average games – but that doesn’t mean we need different players. It only means we need a team that is ready that day. And that is what we have to do. We have to make sure.”

Bascombe claims the Reds remain in the market for a versatile left-sided addition to Klopp’s senior squad, but it will be an individual who understands they will not automatically be selected to start: a back-up.

As the piece makes clear, Klopp’s words demonstrate that continual pressure to add new faces to his side does a disservice to the players already under his command.

“Shall we sell five players to make space for five new ones?” Klopp asked rhetorically.

“Send me a list and tell me who the ones you want to have out. They would send back a blank paper because they want to keep all and bring in the next ones.”

It is glaringly apparent what Klopp thinks of his squad and this summer’s transfer window. We’ve grown accustomed to taking his words at face value and there is no reason to change that policy now.

With less than two weeks left of transfer season, expect few if any outgoings, but potentially this mooted versatile left-sided player followed by a potenially big-name signing next season.

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