Premier League spokesman has VAR suggestion for Liverpool

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Liverpool could produce a ‘mobile VAR app’ to enlighten fans at Anfield, a Premier League spokesman has said.

Premier League clubs are allowed to show footage of overturned decisions on their big screen, but our stadium is, of course, without one.

We do have a screen which displays the score in the match and can alert fans to a VAR review, but it’s unlikely supporters will have had a clear view of the incident in question.

A possible solution would be for the club to produce an app through which the situation can be made clearer and replays can be accessed.

“Any decision overturned by VAR can be put up on the big screen,” a league representative explained to the Star. As we saw last weekend twice in the West Ham v Manchester City game.

“We want to treat supporters as adults.

“We haven’t looked at developing a Premier League mobile VAR app ourselves as we already have a matchday app that links to every game and every VAR decision.

“But clubs can do this individually. Manchester United [in a similar situation] and Liverpool could produce one for their fans at games to make up for not having a big screen at their grounds.

“It could be something worth exploring.”

Clubs and fans remain in the adjustment phase, with VAR still in a nascent form.

A major concern has been the lack of clarity, and so anything which eases potential confusion would likely be welcome.

Some, though, would counter that they do not want to be spending portions of games fixated on their phones amid VAR controversy.

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