Premier League without Gambling sponsorships

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When there are two industries that are going through good times, it seems common sense that they work together. That is the case with the English Premier League and the gambling industry. Many clubs are attracting large amounts of sponsorship money from bookmakers and more are likely to be on the way in the future.

It’s not a great surprise that this is taking place. Football, particularly the English Premier League brings in millions of pounds in terms of bets that are being continually wagered. 

There have been two major areas in which growth has taken place that has helped create this situation. TV coverage has increased the amount of publicity that the English Premier League receives. It’s here, there and everywhere these days. 

The internet has helped boost both the Premier League and gambling. Awareness is so much higher with new markets continually being targeted.

When it comes to shirt sponsorship deals, ten out of 20 Premier League clubs have a gambling company on the front of their shirts for the 2019/20 season. It’s a growing figure, up from eight in the 2017/18 season and nine last year. There has been a huge increase over the last 5 to ten years of sponsorships coming from betting companies, and online casinos. There is a huge choice available for those looking to play online. With so much choice, it is important to look at the options available, this comprehensive post by the online casino reviews experts at casino guide will help you choose a suitable online casino operator.

It’s interesting to see who the gambling companies are targeting. None of the so-called top six (the two Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal) have a gambling related shirt sponsor.

It’s Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Everton, Newcastle United (another with Fun88 on board), Norwich City, Watford, West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers who are the ten that have 2019/20 deals.

The gambling industry seem to be targeting the ‘smaller’ clubs mainly because the top six have so many options when it comes to acquiring a sponsor with much higher amounts being paid. A lot more people have heard of Manchester United than Crystal Palace for example.

Whereas the deal with Chevrolet that Manchester United have for shirt sponsorship is worth £64m this season. The smallest of the shirt sponsorship deals for the top six is £35m for AIA at Spurs.

Outside the top six, the leader is the deal that Betway has with West Ham which is only worth £10m. Those ten shirt sponsorship deals from gambling companies in total are level with the one Manchester United has. 

That doesn’t mean those clubs have no ongoing deals with gambling companies. For example. Marathon Bet are one of many global partners that Manchester City have. That means they have betting kiosks at the Etihad and offer City fans exclusive digital content.  

Vbet are the official betting and gaming partners of Arsenal but there’s even more at Tottenham. The Premier League is big business all around the world. That’s why Tottenham have William Hill as their official betting partner not just for Europe but Australia too. For Africa it’s Betway, and Fun88 are the partners for Asia and Latin America.

The revenue coming in from gambling companies is important for the Premier League clubs and the relationship is likely to get stronger in the coming years.