(Video) Jesse March’s angry Anfield HT talk that almost led to shock comeback: ‘More fouls…’

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Everyone around Europe was impressed with Rb Salzburg on Wednesday night.

The Austrians managed to claw back Liverpool’s three goal lead and draw level, before Mo Salah thankfully notched a winner in the second half to confirm our victory.

But for a long time, Salzburg were the better side and the Reds looked rattled, especially defensively.

A video has surfaced of Salzburg’s American manager Jesse Marsch loudly remonstrating with his team at half-time.

It’s swear-ridden and effectively is based upon his team not trying hard enough physically in the first-half.

In the second, they were everywhere, so it clearly worked!

Let’s just hope we’ve qualified before the final game of the group, which will be away in Austria. What a game that could be…

Here’s what he said, via Reddit:

Marsch: First thing from me: how many fouls did we have? How many fouls?

Unknown player: Two? Three?

Marsch: Maybe two. This is not a f*cking friendly! It‘s a f*cking Champions League match! We have to be physical on the pitch, get f*cking stuck in with pressure, this sort of action (gestures elbowing) sometimes with Van Dijk. Come on, lads! Too much respect for the opponent! Too much respect for the opponent. It’s with the ball, against the ball and with fouls! Too. Much. Respect!

Are they good? Yes, they are good. But if we’re playing like “oh, everything’s nice” and “oh, let’s put on a little bit of pressure here” but without a real proper tackle or a fight… They have to FEEL us guys, they have to know we‘re fucking here to compete! Not just that we’re stylistically gonna try to play the same way, but we came to F*CKING PLAY, right? That is what’s most important.

We’re going to talk a little bit about tactics but we’ve gotta step on that field, and when we say self-confidence, that means will, also. Will for each other (gestures elbowing), and now this is me versus him, or them, or whoever, it is us against them! And let’s f*cking raise our will, let’s raise our competitive fight! Our fight, OK?

So, they have seen that you are good. But we can play better, and we can have a little more life, life for this game. Self confidence, be physically stronger, make your fouls. They are not so dangerous with the corners or free kicks, OK?

But, point: we have more. That is the biggest point now: we have more.