(Video) Nobody talking about this Fernandinho penalty foul when it was City 0-0 Wolves

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‘Sadio Mane dived’

‘Liverpool get all the luck’

‘VAR is just so Liverpool can win the title’

Liverpool fans find these mindlessly false statements from bitter rivals funny, usually, but when pundits start to peddle the same rhetoric, it gets a bit frustrating.

Danny Murphy and Alan Shearer ignored Liverpool’s utter dominance v Leicester on Saturday, stating the Foxes were unlucky, despite the fact our XG was 3.5 compared to Leicester’s 0.1 – which usually results in a battering.

But why is nothing said on this Fernandinho foul, that somehow wasn’t given as a penalty v Wolves when the score was 0-0?

Obviously Wolves going on to win 2-0 made it irrelevant, but it still happened and had the potential to massively affect the result.

City fans crying that Liverpool have all the luck need to have a good look at this video and ask, ‘Why does the Wolves striker not shoot?’ when he’s one on one?

The answer, Fernandinho runs into the back of him.

Good spot from Stephen Haw on Twitter, courtesy of BBC Sport.


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