“Baffling”: Richard Keys slams the Reds over Club World Cup hotel decision

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Richard Keys has criticised the Reds after they refused to stay in a particular hotel in Qatar during the Club World Cup in December owing to concerns over human rights breaches.

The presenter never has anything good to say about the Reds, and this time has accused them of double standards given that players have been sent to Qatar for treatment of injuries in the past.

While the Reds have generally received praise for their stance on the situation, Keys was in no such mood.

There have also been concerns over LGBT+ rights in the country, with CEO Peter Moore releasing a video on the topic earlier today.

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Some have suggested that the Reds should boycott the tournament completely given the issues surrounding the location, but that is not going to happen.

In 2022, Qatar will host the World Cup, so the problems are only going to be even more in the spotlight. As that happens, expect plenty more from Keys as he aims to defend the country in which he now works.

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