Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne gives his verdict on the Anfield atmosphere ahead of Premier League clash

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Kevin de Bruyne says he will thrive in the Anfield atmosphere on Sunday afternoon, claiming that he and his Manchester City teammates will look forward to the game, not be fearful of it.

The rivalry between the two sides has no doubt increased over the last few seasons, purely because as the two best teams in the country, both sets of players are competing directly with each other for the top prizes.

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A coach welcome is already planned at Anfield before the game, while inside the stadium, De Bruyne says he will enjoy the occasion.

Via Sky Sports, he said: “If you are somebody who wants to compete for titles and win, these are the games you want to play.

“I like Anfield, I like it a lot. I love people being on you, being noisy, that is what it’s all about. I love the passion of football.”

De Bruyne and his fellow Manchester City teammates will have no time on the ball whatsoever and will be booed and whistled whenever they are in possession.

The Belgian would never admit that he was scared or intimidated, but the power of Anfield has certainly been evident plenty of times before. Those in attendance at the game will definitely have a part to play.

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