“Nothing but admiration” – Henderson complimentary of Premier League title rivals Man City

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Jordan Henderson has offered his pre-match thoughts as Manchester City head to Anfield for the biggest clash the Premier League will see this season.

The captain believes that it’s important we recognise City for what they are – serial winners – but to also put ourselves on the same pedestal.

Henderson does acknowledge the growing rivalry between Liverpool and the Citizens, and even though we’d like to pretend it’s not there – a hatred is beginning to brew for us.

If I was to pick just one word to sum up how we as a squad feel about Manchester City, it would simply be: ‘respect’,he’s quoted as saying by the club’s official site.

Of course they are an opponent we’ve had decent tussles with over the past couple of seasons in particular, both domestically and in Europe, but as a team here we have nothing but admiration for them.

What they’ve achieved as a team is something that everyone in sport, let alone just football, can look at and appreciate. They are relentless winners who have found the hunger to go again and again.

I think it’s important for a healthy rivalry that you can recognise someone else’s qualities and achievements without that leading to any sort of insecurity about what you’re doing yourself.

As an example, I’ve never understood it when ourselves and City are asked whether we’d sooner win the Premier League or the Champions League, or then subsequently asked to compare which is more important or impressive.

I’d bet anything you like that you’d get the same answer in both dressing rooms, whether there was a microphone in front of them or not: we want to win everything.

Hendo is spot on – of course we should respect City and what they’ve done, they’re an incredible and valuable team, but they’re the enemy this weekend.

A good result against the Mancs on Sunday and we’re in a fantastic position for the run in this winter. Let’s go, Liverpool!

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