“VAR can be improved” – Klopp speaks out at coaches’ conference

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was at a coaches’ conference at UEFA’s headquarters, and used his time there to discuss ongoing problems with VAR.

Manchester City fans were left seething after their team’s 3-1 defeat at Anfield because of a few controversial decision, but VAR did prove correct calls were made.

That isn’t really the point though – the problem with VAR, at the moment, is that it’s spoiling the game. Instead of celebrating with raw passion, fans are forced to wait and see if a goal should stand.

Decisions need to be made quicker, and explanations need to be provided for decisions in a better way than just the Premier League posting a Tweet.

And Klopp has now spoken out on some of the issues that we’re facing. “VAR can be improved, it can. It will never be 100 per cent accurate, everybody knows that. But there are a couple of things that are not right,he’s quoted as saying by the Independent.

With VAR, handball, offside, it is clear we have to keep on improving. There were good ideas from UEFA [about] how we can sort things from the referees, so everybody is in on it.

There is still space for mistakes. These things are done by human beings and none of us is perfect. Nobody is asking for perfection, you just want to have the right decisions.

There is no doubt that VAR is helping to make the game more fair, but there are some things wrong with it at the moment, and it needs working on.

Other European leagues don’t have the same problems with it, so hopefully the Premier League can adapt soon, and I think it’s the match officials that need looking at – not the tech.

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