Henderson describes Suarez bullying him at training: ‘I was ready to kill him’

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Jordan Henderson has spoken about how Luis Suarez used to undermine him in Liverpool training sessions and how it made him feel like he wasn’t good enough for the team.

Liverpool’s skipper, who’s since gone on to win the Champions League since the Uruguayan’s departure, has always faced criticism from fans – but we’ve never heard of his own team-mates disrespecting his ability before.

So angry did Suarez make him on one occasion at Melwood, Hendo has claimed ‘he wanted to kill him,’ but went on to admit the pair eventually forged a good relationship.

“I was trying to do the best I can do. Being a footballer, there is criticism and people doubting you all the time,” Hendo told Jamie Carragher’s The Greatest Game with Jamie Carragher podcast.

“At that time, I was a young player and there were one or two things Luis did in training that I didn’t like.

“It made me feel I wasn’t good enough to be in the same team in training.

“The arms were up like ‘what the f***, what is he doing’, like I shouldn’t be there.

“That really hurt me. He did it three times and then I exploded and I was ready to kill him.

“From that point, I had a good relationship with Luis. The next game I set him up for his goal.

“He was brilliant with me after that and I was really close to him after that and he was another big player I learned from.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear Suarez behaving in a manner which wasn’t very personable – but in reality – it’s his character that helps make him the outrageously good footballer he was and is.

We’d argue the 2013/14 campaign is the best individual season of any player in Premier League history, and it almost resulted in glory for Liverpool.

Hendo doesn’t possess Suarez’s talent, but his loyalty to Liverpool and the manner in which he holds himself on and off the pitch is leagues ahead of our former striker’s.

In football – you get all types of characters. Mavericks, water-carriers, the lot.

The fact Jurgen Klopp has built his current squad which seems full of humble lads who happen to be jaw-droppingly good footballers makes it all the more satisfying.

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