“He’s Liverpool’s playmaker” – Carragher compares Trent to Gerrard

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has compared Trent Alexander-Arnold to fellow hero of the club Steven Gerrard, by way of his playmaking capabilities.

The retired centre half said that it’s like having the former No.8 at right-back because of Trent’s the kind of player you constantly want to have on the ball.

I don’t think I’ve seen a full-back like Trent [Alexander-Arnold] before in the game,he told The Anfield Wrap. “You’ve got great full-backs like Cafu and Roberto Carlos, overlapping and putting a great cross in, but he’s Liverpool’s playmaker.

Liverpool’s setup isn’t that conventional, with midfielders hard-working, running and covering people – Trent is like a midfield player.

It’s like putting Steven Gerrard there. That’s how I imagine he’d have played at full-back.

When Stevie played with us, every time you got the ball you wanted to give him the ball, because you knew there wouldn’t be a simple pass next. It’s like that with Trent.

Sometimes they (players like Alexander-Arnold) just take that extra half a second on the ball, because they’re looking for something to happen.

I was watching him on Sunday and he could have given it to [Dejan] Lovren, but he’s looking for the left-footed pass [to Robertson].

Liverpool are the best team in Europe and the playmaker is a right-back. I’ve never seen someone have that much influence on the ball in a team from that position.

In a team littered with star players, it can be easy to overlook just how incredible of a player Trent is – it’s like the comparison everyone seems to be making at the minute, he’s our Kevin De Bruyne, but at right back.

Trent’s creativity is second to none, but fellow full back Andy Robertson comes pretty close! The full back pairing are the best in Europe – and there is no denying it.

By the end of the season, Trent and Robbo will have had another assist battle, and are likely to go down as two of the most creative players in Europe yet again this season – and both from full back.

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