“For me, it would give us a little bit of football back because when I learned offside it was in doubt of the offensive player. Now all the moments, such as in our favour against Wolves and against us at Aston Villa, it’s in favour of the defensive line.”

“We want to have clarification and right decisions. We get them now but it feels like half-an-hour before we see if the toenail is offside or not.

“The thicker line means a greater tolerance and we’d all have to adjust to that. If it doesn’t take too long, that will help obviously.”

This makes sense, right?

Something 100% needs to change in the summer before next season, of course, as the current implication of the rules is seemingly doing its best to ruin football.

Everybody hates it: fans, players, managers. Nothing can change mid-campaign, but referees could at least look to only try and make decisions that change ‘clear and obvious’ errors.