Gerrard opens up on infamous photo of him in Everton kit – admits he had Spurs shirt too

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I’m sure every Liverpool fan has been told, by their Everton supporting family members or mates, that Steven Gerrard grew up as a fan of Evertonian.

This isn’t the case, and no matter how many times we tell them, they just do not listen, because a photo of a very young Stevie is enough evidence they need.

Well – the photo is indeed real, and it has been acknowledged by the man himself, but Gerrard told the true story behind the photo to former team-mate Jamie Carragher.

“That was a competition,he told The Greatest Game podcast with Carra. “I won that after a penalty shootout.

One year it was at Goodison and one year it was at Anfield. It was a local tournament but the prize was, you go to Goodison and get a brand new Everton kit.

It pops up every couple of days on Instagram. I used to get all different kits for Christmas, I had a Tottenham kit, a Norwich kit.

These pictures have never surfaced, thank god. But the Everton one keeps popping up.

So that’s that. Blues can now stop peppering Reds with photos of Gerrard in an Everton kit, even though they absolutely won’t.

I don’t know about you, but I’d actually heard his uncle was an Evertonian and that’s why he was in the strip. Odd, but at least we now know the truth and both of those aforementioned stories are myths.

It is interesting though that Gerrard admitted to having Spurs and Norwich shirts as well – he must have been a proper, little football mad kid.

I wonder if he went as far as to having himself a shirt of either of Manchester’s big clubs or one of our other big rivals at the time like Arsenal or Leeds United!

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