Premier League fixtures to be played behind closed doors as UK begins to take coronavirus seriously

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Italy were the first. Their Government called for games to be played behind closed doors, before eventually postponing all football for 30 days.

Since then, Spain have followed suit, forcing clubs to play without spectators, and the Italians have pretty much shut down their country to combat further spread of the coronavirus.

Now the UK has finally caught up. In fairness to our Government, the situations in Italy and Spain are worse and it seems the 500th case in Britain will be the tipping point (there are now 460).

According to the Times, Premier League matches and all football games in England are soon set to be played behind closed doors – and this could be enforced as early as today.

The report claims the season will not be postponed so there is no real risk of Liverpool finishing 2020 without the title. A further measure being enforced will be a ban on pubs playing matches, as the UK want to prevent large gatherings of people.

What this means for our potential Premier League trophy parade however, I don’t know, but with that not taking place until the summer we’ve got to hope the coronavirus outbreak may be under control by then.

It feels like the right time to say the coronavirus outbreak is obviously a serious issue, and sporting events are of little importance, when compared to people’s health, so please make sure you’ve got all the information you need.

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