Simeone admits ‘unfair’ rule gave Atletico Madrid an advantage over Liverpool

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has admitted that the away goal rule is unfair as it benefited his team and not Liverpool.

The Reds took Los Rojiblancos to extra time at Anfield which meant the Spaniards had 30 minutes to score away goals – an opportunity that could not have been given Liverpool as Ateti hosted the first leg.

The Argentine seems to take issue with the fact the away goal rule is still present in extra time, as the game can only be extended if the score-line is still level after 90 minutes, in only one of the stadiums – not both.

What I have to say, and will be saying at the next UEFA coaches’ meeting, is what I think is unfair,he is quoted as saying by the Liverpool Echo.

[The tie] was unjust because we had 30 minutes of extra time to score three away goals. Liverpool never had that. We had 30 more minutes to score an away goal and Liverpool didn’t. That’s not fair.

The rule favoured us today but it might go against us in the future. Liverpool had 30 minutes fewer to score an away goal. That’s wrong.

I see the point Simeone is making, and I do somewhat agree, but it’s simply the luck of the draw. If UEFA were to say the away goal rule only applies during normal time, I’d be okay with that, but we’ve benefited from it plenty of times over the years.

Whether it was fair or unfair, Atletico eventually got the goals when it mattered and that’s why they’re in the quarterfinals. We’ll have to wait for next season for a crack at No.7.

We now look to the weekend as we face Everton in the Premier League and hopefully take on giant step closer to claiming our first domestic league title in 30 years.

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