Liverpool offer mental health advice to isolated players about the stress of not winning Premier League

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Liverpool’s sport psychologist Lee Richardson is playing a vital role right now behind the scenes, as the squad continues to self-isolate away from Melwood.

According to the Mail, he is helping players individually with their mental well-being – and has also released a guide about how to deal with the possibility of the Premier League being stripped from us.

‘What happens with the decision of the Premier League or the direction the virus takes next is out of our control,’ it said.

‘All we can control is our behaviour and our response to the challenge of keeping the most vulnerable safe and minimising infection rates.

‘In focussing on the controllable and in accepting that which we cannot control, i.e. Premier League, government response, we give ourselves the best chance of overcoming the psychological challenge of keeping perspective. As the manager has said, football is not the most important thing. The health and safety of us all is far more important.’

The current plan for the Premier League is that it will continue to a finish when it is safe to do so – but in these unprecedented times, nothing can be taken off the table.

Liverpool are 25 points clear, and there is obviously plenty of anxiety among the supporters as well as the players regarding its conclusion.

Richardson is right, though. It’s not in our control and the most important thing is caring for those who may die from the disease.

The powers that be and all Premier League clubs are committed to finishing this campaign – so for now – we need to sit patiently (inside) and follow all guidelines. A full lockdown isn’t far off basing on the behaviour of many this weekend.

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