Pepe Reina explains experiences of COVID-19 – ‘Here tests are not conducted unless you are very bad’

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Former Liverpool goalkeeper and much-loved ex-servant Pepe Reina has revealed he’s been suffering with COVID-19 symptoms, but hasn’t been given an official test.

Reina, who plays for Aston Villa now after a lengthy stint in Italy, claimed he doesn’t want sympathy because he’s been able to isolate in his large house – and we should instead worry about those with the condition in a less fortunate position.

“Last week it was my turn to go through the bug,” he told Spanish radio station Cope, cited by Sky Sports. “It has been a different week, of taking precautions not to infect the people who live with me.

“Here tests are not conducted unless you are (in a) very bad (state). Speaking to the doctors, the symptoms I had were of it, without official confirmation of it but everything pointed to it.

“We are very privileged people. We have a big house, with a garden. I think of the people who live in a 70-metres-squared apartment with two children and for me they are people who are showing a lot of strength.”

Reina was one of the world’s best keepers at his pinnacle, and we’ll never forget his role in winning us the FA Cup Final in 2006.

He was offloaded by Brendan Rodgers in 2013, and judging by Simon Mignolet’s form over the six years the Belgian was a red, Reina could have probably stayed a little longer.

Now of course we have Alisson between the sticks, and we’d argue that in terms of sheer talent, the Brazilian is the best keeper the club has ever possessed.

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