“We said it now often enough, and I think everybody knows, football is not the most important thing in the world. One hundred per cent not. In this moment it’s clear what is. But the only way to get football back as soon as possible, if that’s what the people want, the more disciplined we are now the earlier we will get, piece by piece by piece, our life back. That’s how it is.

“There is no other solution in the moment, nobody has another solution. We have to be disciplined by ourselves, we have to keep the distance to other people. We can still do some things, not a lot, but we have to just calm down a little bit with things. Yes, outside the economy has to carry on, that will start again. But the lower the number will be when we go out again, the number of people infected, that’s what I understand, the better it is. It will not be like nobody anymore after the next few weeks but the curve will flatten, that’s the most important thing.

“We have to give our people in the hospitals, our doctors, the chance to treat the people with serious issues with full concentration. We have to give people time to build ventilators, we have to give people time to find solutions. There will be a moment when other smart people find a vaccine for the virus. But until then, we have to make sure we do the best possible for all the people out there. You hear now more and more it’s not only the elderly and weaker – it’s not only that, there are younger people involved who can die of it as well. It’s not about that, it’s about just, show heart and a bit of sensibility and do the right thing: stay at home as long as we have to. And then at one point we will play football again as well, 100 per cent.

“I couldn’t wish more for it because of a few really good reasons, how you can imagine. I can’t wait actually, but even I have to be disciplined and I try to be as much as I can.”

Klopp’s comments should give us the patience and courage to abide by the sensible government restrictions on movement.

When this pandemic is over, the euphoria around the country is going to be huge – and hopefully we’ll have a Premier League title to celebrate – to boot.

For now, let’s stay indoors, watch tele, get the house sorted and be kind to each other!

Football will return one day and help make it all better, but right now, as the boss suggests, it’s on the back-burner.