Van Dijk tells Liverpool fans the players miss them & sends important message

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Virgil van Dijk is as good a man as he is a footballer. Liverpool’s third captain has urged fans to stay patient during the COVID-19 pandemic and promised us that the team is missing our support.

There’s been no football played since our Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid – and with Liverpool just two games from Premier League glory – the wait for the title is horrible – made worse by the anxiety surrounding whether the season will even be finished.

“First of all, stay safe. Stay home,” Van Dijk told the club’s official website.

“Do the right things, wash your hands and do all the things the government is saying, which you have heard probably every second of the day – but do it because it helps everyone.

“It helps you but it helps everyone around you as well.

“The second thing is that we miss you guys as well, we miss being out there, we miss working hard every day and trying to get better and show our qualities to all of you.

“Just stay put, wait and see, that’s the only thing we can all do anyway.

“The most important thing is to stay safe and look after yourself, your family and the people that are close to you.”

Van Dijk is the world’s best centre-back and has played a huge role in helping Liverpool to a 25 point lead at the Premier League’s summit.

In reality, it’s been the most dominant season in Premier League history – and when the competition resumes – not only could Liverpool secure the title nice and quickly – but potentially wrap up a record points tally as well.

It’ll be fantastic to watch the boys play as champions, hopefully for seven games, with no pressure on them. When you consider football’s current absence and the state the country is in, it’s going to feel even better.

At the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky!

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