‘Scrap it and start again…’ Idiotic Luke Shaw demands voided season when asked about Liverpool’s title

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There’s nothing nicer than footballers, owners and fans trying to use the COVID-19 pandemic to their own advantage, is there?

There is no reason why it is more morally acceptable to void this season and start a new one when it’s safe to do so, than just resume this season when it’s safe to do so – but those who would benefit from this campaign’s cancellation hide behind that fact.

Luke Shaw, Manchester United defender, has decided to ignore the work being done to get 2019/20 back safely and would instead prefer multiple clubs to be put at risk of extinction by simply nulling it – all so Jordan Henderson doesn’t get to lift the trophy.

Asked if Liverpool should be awarded the title or whether the season should be scrapped, Shaw said during a Combat Corona Twitch FIFA competition: ‘Scrap it and start again. Start it again yeah. It’s gotta be you know. If we can’t carry it on it’s got to be void.’

We suppose that’s another season out of the Champions League for United then, if we’re going to literally expunge this term from history – which gets all the more stupid the more you think about it.

Thankfully, the PL will return, with the government backing a behind-closed-doors finish in two months’ time – if their coronavirus projections are correct.

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