Liverpool could win Premier League at Wembley in 5-week showdown

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The Premier League will look to complete all remaining fixtures in just five weeks when the competition gets back underway this summer.

That’ll mean teams playing twice a week, pretty much, with Liverpool having nine games to play…

As we all know, we’re 25 points clear and will secure the title in as few as two games providing nothing too weird happens!

The Telegraph state that Wembley is a potential location where multiple games can be played on the same day, although that does mean bringing teams to London – the most infected part of the country by a very long way – which seems strange to us.

The alternative option of St George’s Park, the national training centre, makes more sense – although the preference for clubs is that matches take place at the currently designated stadiums – albeit without fans in the stands.

By hook or by crook, 2019/20 will be completed. It’s not a financial possibility for it not to be,

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