“My priority is to win the league with Trabzonspor,” he said. “I will leave the transfer talks to the end of the season and if we do win the league I know I will get even better offers.”

Sorloth has enjoyed a good campaign, but from what we saw of him in the Premier League, he’s not even close to being up to Liverpool standards.

The Norwegian is a bulky, static centre-forward – the kind who would struggle in Jurgen Klopp’s fluid offensive set-up that requires Roberto Firmino to do a playmaking but also defensive job as the team’s no.9.

At EOTK, we think we do require another attacker, but need someone who can play on the flanks and also offer an option in-behind – like Timo Werner or Jadon Sancho.

We imagine our name is solely being used by agents to drive up interest and potential wages, in truth.