‘Better than the Nike kits’ – LFC fans react to prototype New Balance shirts

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Earlier today we shared a video which had got a lot of you talking – and that is a clip of a couple of prototype kits we got our hands on.

You can watch that video by following this link.

New Balance had created some shirts to show Liverpool and work out their final designs for the 2020/21 season, before it was ruled that Nike would be taking over.

We ended up with early versions of what we can assume would have been the home and away shirts – a red one and a yellow one.

A lot of Liverpool fans have reacted to our video online, and it’s fair to say that the consensus is split.

On one hand, you’ve got supporters saying the shield design and little phrases stitched onto the shirt are nice touches.

Some are saying the material used looks cheap, on the other side of the fence, but that is likely because these shirts are prototypes and not the finished articles.

It’s fair to say we’re in the camp of approval. We think they’re boss, with some nice touches in the design, and the basic style is very much appreciated after some wild kits over the years.

Here is how other Liverpool fans have reacted to the shirts on Twitter:





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