10,000 LFC fans polled on the new home kit – what they say may surprise you

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Yesterday we reported on an updated leak of Liverpool’s new home kit for next season and I was quite surprised about the response from fellow Reds.

The new image shows the shirt in more detail, and you can even get a look at the gold FIFA Club World Cup and Premier League patches that have been included.

Most of the replies to our Tweet sharing the article were fairly negative, so it made me wonder – do people not like this kit?

Check the responses to the Tweet below:

Because, to me, I think the shirt is brilliant. It’s obviously not 100% perfect, but you’re never going to be able to make a kit that is.

The main colour used is close to, if not the same as, the crimson red we’ve seen this season, and is a continued departure from that lovely deeper shade we saw in 2018/19.

The white/teal sleeve on the 2020/21 kit is bold, I’ll admit, but I think the use of teal is excellent and it harks back to the colours of the club’s crest.

Often, with these kind of things, it’s the noisy minority that shape the general consensus from fans – but I wanted to give the quiet majority a chance to silently pass their judgement.

So we ran a poll on Twitter – just shy of 10,000 people got involved, at the time of writing, and 52% of fans say they like the kit, 17% don’t and the rest are undecided.

Draw your own conclusions from those numbers!

Take a look at the full results below (and cast your vote to help prove me right/wrong):

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