Manchester United fan goes viral with maybe the worst tweet of quarantine

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With 29 games played this season, Manchester United are THIRTY SEVEN points behind Liverpool.

Every match that’s played, they’ve fallen an average of 1.27 points further behind us.

They are closer to Norwich at the bottom of the table than they are to Liverpool – and it’s not even close.

But without irony, the United Stand on Twitter suggested that if Bruno Fernandes had signed a few months earlier his side would have been fighting us for the title in 2019/20!

The tweet got almost 10,000 likes and an absolute barrage of comments – most of which were ruthlessly shooting down the ridiculous opinion.

Don’t get us wrong: Fernandes is really, really good. But Liverpool have won EVERY GAME bar two. Would the Portuguese have enabled a side managed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to compete with that?

Without a shadow of a doubt: no.

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