Troy Deeney says Liverpool’s title win will lack ‘integrity’

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Troy Deeney has claimed that while Liverpool deserve the title, the integrity of the competition and our likely victory has been ruined.

We suppose he similarly feels the integrity of Watford’s possible relegation is similarly affected and should therefore be off the cards as well…

The forward, who has spoken out on the matter on more than one occasion and has refused to go back to training, despite medical advice that it is safe to do so after testing – has stuck his nose in again in regards to Liverpool’s achievements.

“I believe that when it comes to the integrity of this season anyway, it’s already gone,” Deeney told CNN.

“I feel sorry for Liverpool because no matter how it plays out, they deserve to win the league. They deserve to get the trophy.

“But no matter how it plays out, even if we play all the games, it’s still going to be the year spoiled by the pandemic. It’s not going to be that year that Liverpool won the league being the best team and, you know, it’s 30 years they haven’t won for.”

Deeney has chosen his words horribly, here. Yes, what’s happened to the season is awful – but it’s nobody’s fault. Everyone wishes it hadn’t – bar perhaps the teams looking to use it as an excuse to get out of relegation. ‘Integrity’ suggests values and morals have been sullied. No they haven’t. The powers that be are trying everything they can to be as fair and safe as possible. Integrity is fully intact.

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