Many moronic rival fans somehow make Hawk Eye blunder all about Liverpool: ‘Just saying… it would count’

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What is it about Liverpool that makes rival fans so desperate to make everything about us?!

This evening, on the return of the Premier League, there was a blunder by Hawk Eye, the first we can remember, in regard to its goal-line technology.

Aston Villa keeper Ørjan Nyland clearly carried the ball over his own line against Sheffield United, but no goal was awarded to the Blades – much to the anguish of manager Chris Wilder.

But on Twitter, the outrage was directed at Liverpool in the most part, for some bizarre reason!

Fans of all clubs piled on to discuss how if this was Liverpool, a goal would have been given.

Well, we hope so, yes – because the ball was a yard over the line! It should have been a goal regardless of who was playing, no?

We guess this is part of being the best side in the land – and we should embrace it. So in celebration, check out the nonsense below!