Klopp admits feeling ‘physically’ ill when ‘null and void’ was on the table

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Jurgen Klopp has explained how he felt horrible when the media were discussing the season being declared null and void.

The plans were never really underway and it was in fact not a possibility – at worst the season would have been decided points-per-game – but the frenetic nature of which rivals were attaching themselves to it under the guise of morality when in fact they just wanted to see Liverpool stitched up – was grim.

“I didn’t think when we went to lockdown: ‘Oh my God, that is our season, we are so close,’ because it was not important in that moment. I became worried in the moment when people started talking about null and void this season because I was like ‘wow’. And I really felt it physically,” he told the Guardian.

“That would have been really, really hard. We don’t expect to get it as a present, we didn’t want to have a points-per-game basis, so we were really happy when it was decided we could play again.”

As it is, the Premier League is back underway with four games being played so far, with hundreds of talking points and incidents suggesting football is still very entertaining without a crowd, provided you’re emotionally invested in its outcome.

And that physical feeling Klopp felt when null and void was being discussed will be reversed when the title is imminent.

Six points is required, which could be obtained by next Wednesday, providing we beat Everton and then Crystal Palace.

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