Jurgen Klopp slates Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has sensationally slammed Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The German pointed the finger at the UK Government and suggested the number of fatalities in England could have been less if they followed examples set by other countries.

I didn’t vote for this ­Government. This Government was the choice of other people,Klopp told the Daily Mirror. “If aliens looked at us both from the outside, they would think we came from two different planets.

I don’t understand why we started wearing face masks on June 15 when five or six weeks ago other countries were doing it.

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You can argue about whether it makes sense to wear them, but all ­countries who started wearing face masks earlier have smaller casualty numbers than England.

Look, it’s not perfect in Germany, people have died and have been ill. But, in terms of living your life, it is completely different.

We at EOTK think the Liverpool boss has hit the nail on the head; Boris and the Tories’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been shambolic.

Almost 43,000 people are recorded to have died in the UK because of COVID-19 – a number which seems so inflated when compared to other European countries.

Germany have recorded a total of 8,961 deaths due to COVID-19 – staggeringly less than a quarter of fatalities in the UK, despite similar population density.

Italy and Spain – two countries that were horrifically impacted by the virus in its earlier stages – now have less cases and deaths than the UK, and have seen a huge drop-off in infection rate.

It’s actually quite depressing that a football manager speaks common sense on a global issue and we applaud him for it, you’d like to think politicians were more capable.

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