United fans tell Trent to ‘Come Outside’ – so Trent comes outside and makes a fool of them all

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When will Manchester United fans learn?!

Following Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s assist for their side this evening, a plethora of their supporters hit Twitter to compare the right-back to Liverpool’s version, Trent Alexander-Arnold.

But while AWB is a good player, he isn’t in Trent’s league.

And in fact, the last time they jumped on Twitter to tell Trent to ‘come outside’ was on Boxing Day before his ludicrous performance against Leicester.

So you thought they might have learned their lesson!

But just to make sure, the Scouser bagged a world-class free-kick against Crystal Palace just hours later this evening and made the tweets look mighty stupid.

In fact, many United fans hit Twitter to ask fans of their own side to stop asking Trent to come outside, as it simply brings the best out of him!