Jurgen Klopp says he’d “run through a brick wall” for his players

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Jurgen Klopp isn’t shy of showing affection for his players, as can be seen by his habit of hugging Liverpool stars on sight.

As highlighted by Virgil van Dijk in a recent interview, this kind of behaviour can actually make a big difference behind the scenes and can make the club a nicer place to be.

It’s often said that some players would “run through a a brick wall” for their manager, but Klopp has insisted this works both ways at Liverpool.

Speaking on Robbie Savage’s Premier League Breakfast show on BBC Radio Five (via Salford City News), the boss said: “I would run through a brick wall for them, 100%, with all I have. Without a question.

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I don’t know how we created [the team spirit]. We were lucky with recruitment because of the characters of the boys. We treat each other respectfully, we try to fulfil our dreams together.

It’s really not that difficult, but I couldn’t write a book about it because I don’t think about it. It’s just what we do day after day.

Honestly, we are so lucky to have Klopp at Liverpool – the man naturally cares deeply about the club and everyone he works with.

The German has assembled a team of players who behave more like brothers or life-long friends, when you see them together in training.

The line “I don’t think about, it’s just what we do” really stands out to me – this proves that nothing we see Klopp doing is ‘for the cameras’, as some may suggest.

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