JW Henry drops Liverpool summer transfer hint during title interview

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Liverpool owner JW Henry has told fans that FSG are always thinking about ‘tomorrow’ and that they will not rest on their laurels now the club are Premier League champions.

The domestic 2019/20 season is finally over, despite a three-month hiatus due to the coronavirus, and Liverpool secured the title with seven games to play – an English football record.

Despite the wealth that this generated, on top of our new deal with Nike, noises coming out of the club are that big transfers are too much of a financial risk given the current circumstances…

“One of the things that come along with winning is immediately talking about the future,” Henry quipped. 

“We’re always tomorrow-based. We’re always thinking about tomorrow but right now we’re champions of England and that’s what we’re thinking about.”

But while these comments might suggest something is in the air in terms of an arrival, the next ones do not – encouraging us to simply enjoy what’s already been achieved – which in many ways, is a fair point too.

“I know we all have to celebrate responsibly but this feels like the gift that keeps on giving,” he continued.

“Every day I get up, it’s front and centre that we won England finally.

“That’s my wish for you. Every morning you get up for as long as you can, think about what we have accomplished.”

You can watch the entirety of Henry’s interview, below!

We think the man deserves more credit than he’s received, actually. It’s taken a long time, but look at where the club was, both on and off the field, when he arrived – and look now.

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